Preparing a House for Rent…

Before showing a house: When potential renters look at the property, small details can make strong first impressions. There’s only one chance for a good first impression. Try some of these ideas while preparing a house for the best first impression possible.

Safety First:

Remove items that could cause visitors to stumble, trip, or become injured in any way. Inspect the house from top to bottom. Correct any potential hazard.


Small repairs could make the difference. It is easier to show how beautiful a home IS than to ask a potential renter to imagine how it COULD look after simple repairs are made. A small amount of time and money invested in “sprucing-up” can pay off.

Fix-up Part 2:

A loose doorknob or leaky faucet can make potential renters wonder about other repairs, and cause them to look harder for problems. Also, many minor repairs can be done ahead of time and at savings from hiring a professional later on.


How does the driveway look? First impressions start with “curb appeal” and continue as the potential tenants walk thru the house. Keep the lawn cut and edged, leaves raked, shrubs trimmed. Check everywhere for odors, and remember to change the air conditioning filter often.

Kitchens and Bathrooms are very important:

Potential renters judge how the entire house is maintained, by the condition of the bathrooms and kitchen. A bit of extra scrubbing and caulking here can go a long way to helping rent the property.

Following please find a brief outline of our property management services:

  • Advertise property for rent in Flagler County Pennysaver
  • Advertise property for rent in our office picture window
  • Advertise property for rent on our website at Advertise property for rent on,, etc.
  • Advertise property for rent in the Flagler County Multiple Listing Service
  • A place for rent sign on property (where permitted)
  • Show property to prospective tenants
  • Process application and run full credit check & background with no fee to you Prepare residential lease
  • Collect and maintain security deposit, equal to 1 1/2 months rent, in a non-interest bearing escrow account
  • Collect monthly rent, issue you monthly owner statements and corporate checks no later than the 10″ of every month
  • Issue year-end expense reports and 1099 miscellaneous income forms.
  • Monitor property with a monthly exterior drive by
  • Negotiate lease renewals and perform annual interior inspections
  • Supervise any necessary repair work, Generally, we authorize any repairs up to $200.00. Anything over that we contact you for approval prior to any work being done.
  • Register the property as a rental with the City of Palm Coast in accordance with city ordinances (where required)
  • Our fee is 11% of the monthly rent collected and is deducted on a monthly basis; we don’t get paid unless your property is rented.
  • Should a cooperating agent be involved in securing a qualified tenant for your property, they will receive a referral fee of 10%, in addition to our standard 11%, for a total of a 21% deduction for the FIRST MONTH ONLY.

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